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The edge profile gives your stone countertop the finishing touch. In selecting the right edge you want to consider the style of your kitchen or bathroom, the color of the countertop, and the style of the cabinets.

Edges like eased, 1/4 round and bevels fit well in contemporary kitchens.

In formal or traditional kitchens or baths, consider an ogee edge.

With a style that is more rustic or an in-between style, a half or full bullnose will look beautiful.

There are other factors to consider when choosing an edge. If your cabinets have much detail and/or your stone has a bold, busy pattern, you may want an eased of 1/4 round edge to keep it from detracting from the beauty of the stone.  In kitchens that have an island with a large overhang for stools, a half or full bullnose provides comfort and style.

Standard Edges
Laminated Edges
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